We are the Electrical Invaders! A community team of students, from Williamsburg to Hampton, VA, who are joined together by our collective curiosity about electronics, robots, programming and Doctor Who.  We strive to be better than last year.  We hope to inspire other teams, just as we are inspired by them, and we hope to mentor younger teams into existence.   We are a fully self-funded team and make outreach and STEM education equal partners to solving each season’s challenge.  We welcome your thoughts, ideas, and criticisms.


2012- Rookie season


Think award

Nominated for Connect Award twice, attended state


Inspire Award

Think Award

Nominated for Connect Award, Rockwell Collins Innovate Award, and Motivate Award, attending state


2 thoughts on “About

  1. My son is 10 and Nathan LOVES electronics and wants to be a part of this amazing group!! How do we get involved??? Thank you- Cindy

    • At 10, your son’s robotic game would be FLL- FIRST LEGO LEAGUE, try googling FLL and the name of your state. In Va, our state league site for fll is VADC-fll.org. Don’t underestimate the value of this time in robotics just because it doesn’t look like a metal contraption. Kids who excel at FTC or FRC most often spent time in FLL.
      For learning electronics, not robotics specifically, I recommend http://www.quickstudylabs.com/. My son took this class at 13 and learned a lot! Classes are set for specific times throughout the year and costs $55 a session. We did 3 sessions before moving on, but I thought they were really cool. My son was just wanted to try different curriculum after 24 weeks with Mr. Phil.
      This site above is an online circuit builder and it’s free 🙂
      Good luck!
      Coach Brandy

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