Costume Ideas

Hi, I’m Hannah, the outreach coordinator. These are costume ideas that I found interesting.






Halloween-Dalek-medium This one I found quite bold because of its design, no top, yet still looks like a dalek. Very interesting, I like it the best out of all of them.I liked that it had easy arm movements. It’s more practical. It can also be used for a boy or a girl.

FUT0WAPGRTHMWVO.MEDIUM This one I liked  because it the one that looks the most like a dalek.

FBK95IVH8CVGW58.LARGE This one I picked because it looked pretty interesting.

dalek_exterminate__exterminate__by_ireneadler76-d6eoe08 This one looks interesting, bold and cool, that’s why I like it.

925072695 This one I picked because it looks totally awesome and flat out cool. I like that you can take this off and on easily. It would be harder to move around in.



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